Be rid of system-clogging clutter, and perform a complete PC Cleanup with System Mechanic’s PC Cleanup™

So how will System Mechanic help you be rid system-clogging clutter? Simple, by performing a complete PC Cleanup [which consists of the steps below] in just 3 minutes.

  1. Eliminate over 50 different types of junk files.
  2. Remove invalid installers and programs.
  3. Clear internet history, clutter and cache.
  4. Recover thousands of megabytes of hard disk space.

System-clogging clutter builds up silently on a PC over time [in the background] from untidy programs, unclean computer shutdowns, and general everyday use. If you don’t regularly run a PC Cleanup, these junk files will require massive amounts of wasteful processing power which slows you down your PC, and will make it grind to a halt…

iolo Labs have identified the top 3 ways system-clogging clutter degrades performance:

  • Critical indexes. Windows maintains indexes in order to organize its files. These become bloated with meaningless junk, causing overall sluggishness during file and program access.
  • Useless files. When defragmenting your hard drives, many unnecessary files are scanned adding to the time and processing power required.
  • Hard drive space. Windows will unnecessarily reserve hard drive space, leading to premature upgrade costs or hard drive replacement.

With System Mechanic, you will eliminate ALL wasteful system-clogging clutter. You’ll also be able to enable patented ActiveCare® technology which keeps your PC automatically clutter-free, and running at optimum performance. Your system will start up quicker, work faster, and perform with greater reliability. Perform a complete PC Cleanup with System Mechanic’s PC Cleanup™ today!