System Mechanic 12 new tools: Stability Guard

Stability Guard

As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, System Mechanic 12 has recently been released. We’re going to continue reviewing the new tools available to users within the software by outlining another great utility; Stability Guard. So what exactly does this tool do? Read on…

It only takes a single issue to stop a PC dead in its tracks. Regardless of how new, or powerful, it may be. The effects of a single rogue app can range from annoying errors, and random glitches, to lost work and even an unusable/unusable system.

Stability Guard proactively intercepts threats to system stability by automatically watching for rogue programs, and unauthorized configuration changes that reduce your PCs stability. The utility uses complex algorithms to track and correlate the root causes of freezes, hangs, crashes, errors, and restarts.

The utility also provides an easy-to-use view of PC reliability over time, as well as the specific programs and system changes that affect it. Buggy programs, erratic apps and plug-ins, internal errors, system incompatibilities, and hundreds of other elusive issues are now easily resolved so that your PC operates at peak performance and reliability. [To see what Stability Guard looks like, please click on the graphic in the top left of this post].

System Mechanic 12 new tools: Core Data Recalibrator

Core Data Recalibrator

System Mechanic 12 has recently been released, and one of the new tools available to users within the software is; Core Data Recalibrator. So what exactly does this utility do? Read on…

Recent versions of Windows depend on a central communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before taking a particular action. Because of its complexity, this communication system is prone to corruption [sometimes severe corruption] over time. This results in a variety of problems; even modest amounts of corruption in the Windows communication infrastructure can produce false alarms, misdirected files, incorrect reports, confused software, unreliable hardware, and unpredictable computer behavior.

Core Data Recalibrator, which premiers in System Mechanic 12, automatically corrects Windows information corruption. It accurately detects, and automatically repairs, these problems before they destabilize a system. This means that Windows, and all of your software, apps, and connected devices will work in unison so that your PC is always functioning zero defects. [No more Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD].

System Mechanic 12 Pro is days away…

System Mechanic 12 Pro - Readying For Launch

iolo’s update to System Mechanic Pro i.e. System Mechanic 12 Pro is literally days away. We can’t wait to test out the new version! The software [according to iolo] will; “raise PC performance to new heights, with breakthrough responsiveness and reliability technologies”.

System Mechanic 12 Pro will include multiple new tools which automatically pinpoint, fix, and proactively ward off threats to your PC. Below are the new tools which we have just learned about:

New in System Mechanic 12 Pro - Stability Guard1. Stability Guard™. This new tool proactively intercepts system stability threats to help you keep Windows running fast and problem-free.
2. Core Data Recalibrator™. This new tool automatically corrects core-level informaNew in System Mechanic 12 Pro - Core Data Recalibratortion corruption to eliminate complex PC issues.
Updated in System Mechanic 12 Pro - CRUDD Remover3. CRUDD Remover™. [An enhancement to an existing tool] identifies additional redundancies to eliminate more system overload than ever before.

As soon as System Mechanic 12 Pro is available for purchase, we’ll let you know!



Handy tips for taking care of your files with System Mechanic

The files on your PC are similar to the appliances in your house; if you use them a lot, they’ll need regular maintenance. In the case of a PC, System Mechanic does all the work for you, so your PC stays clean and fast. [You won’t have to lift a finger like you have to with your favorite home appliances!] Whether you’re organizing your files, clearing away system clutter, or permanently removing unwanted files, System Mechanic has a tool for the job.

1. Get rid of“junk” files that can slow down your system.
2. Permanently remove/scrub confidential data, and protect your privacy.
3. Fix broken shortcuts that can lead to annoying errors.

Tip 1

Get rid of“junk” files that can slow down your system. Without regular cleaning, your PC accumulates unneeded “junk” files that can slow down your system. Locate and eliminate these obsolete files with System Mechanic’s Junk File Finder, and help keep your PC clean and fast.

Here’s how:

1. Start System Mechanic and click Toolbox >>Individual Tools >>Clean Up System Clutter
2. Go to Junk File Finder and click Start
3. Select a Cleanup Mode and click Next
4. Junk File Finder will find and remove your junk files

Bonus Tip: For additional control, the Custom Cleanup mode allows you to set exclusions and view junk files before deleting them.

Note: Junk File Finder cleans out obsolete and unneeded files based on the criteria you choose, while PC Cleanup [another clutter removal tool in System Mechanic] automatically detects and cleans out temporary files and other well-known useless data accumulations. Together, these tools give you maximum file clutter removal.

Tip 2

Permanently remove/scrub confidential data, and protect your privacy. Files that have been opened, programs used, passwords entered, and even websites visited—virtually everything you do on your PC is recorded. System Mechanic’s Privacy Cleaner quickly and securely wipes away traces of activity and private data so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Here’s how:

1. Start System Mechanic and click Toolbox » Individual Tools » Ensure Personal Privacy
2. Go to Privacy Cleaner and click Start
3. In the Select Data to Erase tab, choose the types of information you want to erase, then click Next
4. In the Select Options tab, choose the secure removal you’d like to use, then click Next
5. Privacy Cleaner will promptly and securely wipe the selected data and provide a summary of the results (You may need to restart your PC for some of the actions to take effect)
6. Your PC is now secure from prying eyes

Tip 3

Fix broken shortcuts that can lead to annoying errors. When files and programs are deleted, or moved on your system, shortcuts can become broken and cause annoying errors to pop up. Fix broken shortcuts and remove obsolete ones quickly and easily using System Mechanic’s Shortcut Repair tool.

Here’s how:

1. Start System Mechanic and click Toolbox » Individual Tools » Repair Problems
2. Go to Shortcut Repair and click the Start
3. Select an Operation Mode and click Next
4. Shortcut Repair with now fix your broken shortcuts and remove obsolete ones

Be rid of system-clogging clutter, and perform a complete PC Cleanup with System Mechanic’s PC Cleanup™

So how will System Mechanic help you be rid system-clogging clutter? Simple, by performing a complete PC Cleanup [which consists of the steps below] in just 3 minutes.

  1. Eliminate over 50 different types of junk files.
  2. Remove invalid installers and programs.
  3. Clear internet history, clutter and cache.
  4. Recover thousands of megabytes of hard disk space.

System-clogging clutter builds up silently on a PC over time [in the background] from untidy programs, unclean computer shutdowns, and general everyday use. If you don’t regularly run a PC Cleanup, these junk files will require massive amounts of wasteful processing power which slows you down your PC, and will make it grind to a halt…

iolo Labs have identified the top 3 ways system-clogging clutter degrades performance:

  • Critical indexes. Windows maintains indexes in order to organize its files. These become bloated with meaningless junk, causing overall sluggishness during file and program access.
  • Useless files. When defragmenting your hard drives, many unnecessary files are scanned adding to the time and processing power required.
  • Hard drive space. Windows will unnecessarily reserve hard drive space, leading to premature upgrade costs or hard drive replacement.

With System Mechanic, you will eliminate ALL wasteful system-clogging clutter. You’ll also be able to enable patented ActiveCare® technology which keeps your PC automatically clutter-free, and running at optimum performance. Your system will start up quicker, work faster, and perform with greater reliability. Perform a complete PC Cleanup with System Mechanic’s PC Cleanup™ today!

Why do PC gamers love System Mechanic?

All serious PC gamers out there know that nothing reveals your gaming rig’s performance deficiencies like the latest games. These graphics-intensive programs absolutely hammer CPUs [even if they’re relatively new], memory, and video resources much more than typical home or home-office applications. The smoothness of gameplay suffers, and the symptoms are exhibited as “FPS” [frames per second] and “lag”. [The higher the FPS, and the lower the lag, the more enjoyable your gaming experience will be].

If you have an un-optimized PC, while FPS and lag are very noticeable while gaming, you might also notice other symptoms of a slow PC during daily use. Optimize your PC for gaming, and everything else you’ll do on your computer will be lightening fast…

Below are 8 easy-to-use tools within System Mechanic that will unleash any PC gamers system. Make your gaming rig the thing that dreams are made of!

  1. EnergyBooster™. When FPS rates drop, and graphics become “choppy”, many gamers focus on upgrading their video cards. [Which can be an expensive exercise]. Most gamers don’t realize that these symptoms can often be caused by a Central Processing Unit [CPU] that has been “bottlenecked” by too many demanding processes running at the same time. System Mechanic’s EnergyBooster shuts down unneeded background processes, and channels maximum power to the game or application you’re running, for the best possible speed and responsiveness.
  2. Program Accelerator™. Now you don’t have to wait between levels for your game [or program] to load massive files. You can now get back into the action faster! Program Accelerator uses patent-pending technology to consolidate program files on the hard drive, and reduce disk lag. Much more sophisticated than disk defragmenting, it resolves all the file entropy [dispersal] caused by patches and updates that other techniques can’t address.
  3. Memory Mechanic®. Long stretches of computer use can result in memory leaks that lead to sluggish performance and necessitate a system reboot to get your PC working properly again. No more! With just one click, Memory Mechanic swiftly releases trapped RAM, and instantly refreshes performance without the need to close running applications.
  4. NetBooster®. If you’re gaming online, an  un-optimized internet connection is a major cause of game lag, especially in multi-player environments. [You can even get kicked off a server for “high pings” due to a poor connection!] NetBooster can increase internet speeds by up to 300%! Think how much time you will save downloading multi-gigabyte files, which often take hours to download. NetBooster is a boon to BitTorrent junkies, as well as gamers!
  5. PC Cleanup™. Get rid of over 50 types of junk files [including temp downloads from game patches] that can run into gigabytes of wasted disk space.
  6. CRUDD Remover™. Duplicate programs clog up your PC’s available resources. Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers [CRUDD] Remover takes the guesswork out of finding and classifying them, so you can choose to remove the ones that are slowing down your system and quickly achieve a leaner, faster system.
  7. Designated Drivers™. Having up-to-date drivers is critical if you want your gaming rig to run as fast as possible. Designated Drivers ensures every driver update posted in the Windows database is quickly [and safely] downloaded to your system.
  8. SSD Accelerator™. With regular use, even solid state drives [SSDs] will experience performance loss. Keep your HDD running at optimum performance with SSD accelerator.

If you have any questions or comments on the above, please contact us. We love feedback from our readers.

System Mechanic fixes errors, crashes and freezes. [In just one click!]

If you [safely] want to repair errors and fragmentation, clean out clutter, and tune up your PC, so it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster, you need System Mechanic.

Here’s what System Mechanic will do to fix your PC:

PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed

PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Update critical device drivers.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Repair and compact registry.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Eliminate memory leaks.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Fix random crashes and restarts.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Revive unstartable systems.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Repair and prevent corrupted drives.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Fix security vulnerabilities.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Repair broken internet connections.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Scan for and replace out-of-date drivers.
PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed Automatically maintains PC health with patented ActiveCare® technology.

You’ll be able to automatically fix hundreds of perplexing errors in just one click.

System Mechanic knows exactly what to fix

System Mechanic is quite different, and way more effective, than all the one-size-fits-all “utility” or “cleaner” type software that’s currently being sold today. iolo Labs provides live updates, called Tune-up Definitions™, based on analysis of repair and optimization results from millions of PCs worldwide.

Tune-up Definitions teach System Mechanic about the latest PC performance issues as they evolve in real time, keeping the product agile, safe, and powerful. It’s the brains behind System Mechanic’s success, providing intelligence about the impact of specific settings, programs, and services unique to your PC.

Finally, a safe and fast solution for the rest of us…

No matter how tech savvy [or not] you may be, System Mechanic is the #1 best-selling performance software through the US. Why is this? Simply because the software makes fixing and tuning up your PC convenient, and trouble-free, with both fully automatic and self-directed options. Try System Mechanic risk free today. [You’ll be fully covered by a 30 day money back guarantee].

IntelliStatus: Access important system information visually, and in real-time

PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed

System Mechanic’s IntelliStatus

With System Mechanic’s IntelliStatus you’ll be able to clearly understand, and easily manage, all aspects of your PC that affect performance e.g.

1. Startup programs
2. Running programs
3. System memory
4. Hard drive status
5. Internet speed
6. And more…

You’ll never be left wondering what program are running, and why.

Comprehensive system status

IntelliStatus provides critical system information visually, and in real-time. The tool displays comprehensive system statistics that allow you to track your computer’s performance, and analyze potential threats to PC health, locate performance bottlenecks, know if any unknown or unauthorized programs are running, and much more.

PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed

Configure and manage startup and running processes

DriveSense™: How healthy is your HDD?

One of the really useful tools within IntelliStatus is DriveSense. It provides real-time data about the status of your hard drive, including drive temperature and other indicators of drive reliability. To retrieve diagnostic information from your hard drives, DriveSense uses SMART technology, an industry-accepted standard for detecting potential drive problems.

PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed

Stay informed of pending hard drive issues

Reports, and more…

So you can keep track of what’s going on, System Mechanic’s report history provides a running total of problems repaired, drive space freed of clutter, and other important information to keep you abreast of all the optimizations occurring in your PC.

PC TuneUp Center | PC TuneUp Center. Your PC Unleashed

System Mechanic’s IntelliStatus

The amount of information and control System Mechanic makes available is virtually unlimited, with more than 70 tools and functions!

Would you like fast internet? Now you can with System Mechanic’s NetBooster®!

Slow and unreliable internet access is one of the things that’s guaranteed to drive you completely nuts! Of course, your internet freezes right in the middle of an important download, when you’re sending a critical email, when you really want to watch that YouTube video. It’s an endless list of frustration. Sometimes it seems like the more you need the internet to work as it should, the more unreliable it becomes…

Here’s some good news; you can actually achieve better web performance and speed–with the computer and internet connection that you have now. Fast internet [without paying your ISP any more money per month] is absolutely possible!

How can this be? Simply because much of what impacts your web speed isn’t just related to your hardware, or your type of internet connection, but is tied to a set of critical Windows configuration settings that impact internet speed.

Here’s some more great news; iolo technologies have created NetBooster®, and included it in System Mechanic’s suite of more than 50 performance and repair tools. With a simple step-by-step wizard suited to any technical level, NetBooster makes it easy for you to reach maximum internet performance. You don’t need to buy an expensive, brand-new computer or select that pricey cable/DSL upgrade, with NetBooster you can get better web performance out of your existing system and enjoy fast internet with just a few clicks.

Here’s what the critics are saying about NetBooster®

“It was significant—really obvious. Web pages opened much faster. I’m not sure what tweaks it performed in that regard, but iolo Labs calls it their NetBooster Technology. Well, it sure boosted my internet.” — Joe Rosberg, TechRepublic

NetBooster®: Lighting-fast internet performance

bottlenecck_graphic_graySo how does System Mechanic’s NetBooster actually work? The program automatically tailors your computer to suit your internet connection by safely adjusting the key settings that affect network and internet connection speeds.

Computers generally come from a manufacturer with certain operating system configurations already set. But how often does “one-size-fits-all” really fit? Answer, it never does… These preset configurations are in most cases not the best settings for your specific connection type.

Instead, like a perfect pair of jeans, or a made-to-measure suit, System Mechanic’s unique NetBooster® technology can customize settings to make your web connection a perfect fit for your PC.

NetBooster fine-tunes an important group of hidden configurations in order to enable the transfer of more data over the internet. The result is faster and more reliable downloads, video and music playback, web surfing, online gaming, and more.

And rest assured, NetBooster works with any type of internet connection and on any Windows operating system, including Windows 8.

Faster and more reliable web browsing is just a few clicks away

Running NetBooster is easy; you just enter a few details about your internet setup and then NetBooster automatically does the rest:

1. In System Mechanic, navigate to the Toolbox and then click Individual Tools. System Mechanic’s battery of Increase Performance tools will display.
2. Next to NetBooster, click Start.
3. Answer a few simple questions about your internet connection and click Next.
4. NetBooster will automatically adjust settings to maximize your web speed.


Automatically keep your internet connection fully optimized with ActiveCare®

System Mechanic’s patented ActiveCare® performs automatic maintenance while your PC is idle. ActiveCare only runs when you aren’t using your computer, and then it immediately stops when you return. Your PC is automatically kept at its maximum speed, reliability, and efficiency, without interrupting your work.

1. In System Mechanic, navigate to ActiveCare and then click Automated Tasks.
2. Locate the task Automatically repair unoptimized Internet configuration and ensure its toggle switch is set to Enabled.