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System Mechanic 12 Pro is days away…

iolo’s update to System Mechanic Pro i.e. System Mechanic 12 Pro is literally days away. We can’t wait to test out the new version! The software [according to iolo] will; “raise PC performance to new heights, with breakthrough responsiveness and reliability technologies”. System Mechanic 12 Pro will include multiple new tools which automatically pinpoint, fix, and proactively ward […]

Be rid of system-clogging clutter, and perform a complete PC Cleanup with System Mechanic’s PC Cleanup™

So how will System Mechanic help you be rid system-clogging clutter? Simple, by performing a complete PC Cleanup [which consists of the steps below] in just 3 minutes. Eliminate over 50 different types of junk files. Remove invalid installers and programs. Clear internet history, clutter and cache. Recover thousands of megabytes of hard disk space. System-clogging clutter builds […]

Why do PC gamers love System Mechanic?

All serious PC gamers out there know that nothing reveals your gaming rig’s performance deficiencies like the latest games. These graphics-intensive programs absolutely hammer CPUs [even if they’re relatively new], memory, and video resources much more than typical home or home-office applications. The smoothness of gameplay suffers, and the symptoms are exhibited as “FPS” [frames […]

IntelliStatus: Access important system information visually, and in real-time

With System Mechanic’s IntelliStatus you’ll be able to clearly understand, and easily manage, all aspects of your PC that affect performance e.g. 1. Startup programs 2. Running programs 3. System memory 4. Hard drive status 5. Internet speed 6. And more… You’ll never be left wondering what program are running, and why. Comprehensive system status […]