System Mechanic 12 new tools: Core Data Recalibrator

Core Data Recalibrator

System Mechanic 12 has recently been released, and one of the new tools available to users within the software is; Core Data Recalibrator. So what exactly does this utility do? Read on…

Recent versions of Windows depend on a central communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before taking a particular action. Because of its complexity, this communication system is prone to corruption [sometimes severe corruption] over time. This results in a variety of problems; even modest amounts of corruption in the Windows communication infrastructure can produce false alarms, misdirected files, incorrect reports, confused software, unreliable hardware, and unpredictable computer behavior.

Core Data Recalibrator, which premiers in System Mechanic 12, automatically corrects Windows information corruption. It accurately detects, and automatically repairs, these problems before they destabilize a system. This means that Windows, and all of your software, apps, and connected devices will work in unison so that your PC is always functioning zero defects. [No more Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD].

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