System Mechanic 12 new tools: Stability Guard

Stability Guard

As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, System Mechanic 12 has recently been released. We’re going to continue reviewing the new tools available to users within the software by outlining another great utility; Stability Guard. So what exactly does this tool do? Read on…

It only takes a single issue to stop a PC dead in its tracks. Regardless of how new, or powerful, it may be. The effects of a single rogue app can range from annoying errors, and random glitches, to lost work and even an unusable/unusable system.

Stability Guard proactively intercepts threats to system stability by automatically watching for rogue programs, and unauthorized configuration changes that reduce your PCs stability. The utility uses complex algorithms to track and correlate the root causes of freezes, hangs, crashes, errors, and restarts.

The utility also provides an easy-to-use view of PC reliability over time, as well as the specific programs and system changes that affect it. Buggy programs, erratic apps and plug-ins, internal errors, system incompatibilities, and hundreds of other elusive issues are now easily resolved so that your PC operates at peak performance and reliability. [To see what Stability Guard looks like, please click on the graphic in the top left of this post].

System Mechanic 12 new tools: Core Data Recalibrator

Core Data Recalibrator

System Mechanic 12 has recently been released, and one of the new tools available to users within the software is; Core Data Recalibrator. So what exactly does this utility do? Read on…

Recent versions of Windows depend on a central communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before taking a particular action. Because of its complexity, this communication system is prone to corruption [sometimes severe corruption] over time. This results in a variety of problems; even modest amounts of corruption in the Windows communication infrastructure can produce false alarms, misdirected files, incorrect reports, confused software, unreliable hardware, and unpredictable computer behavior.

Core Data Recalibrator, which premiers in System Mechanic 12, automatically corrects Windows information corruption. It accurately detects, and automatically repairs, these problems before they destabilize a system. This means that Windows, and all of your software, apps, and connected devices will work in unison so that your PC is always functioning zero defects. [No more Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD].

System Mechanic 12 Pro is days away…

System Mechanic 12 Pro - Readying For Launch

iolo’s update to System Mechanic Pro i.e. System Mechanic 12 Pro is literally days away. We can’t wait to test out the new version! The software [according to iolo] will; “raise PC performance to new heights, with breakthrough responsiveness and reliability technologies”.

System Mechanic 12 Pro will include multiple new tools which automatically pinpoint, fix, and proactively ward off threats to your PC. Below are the new tools which we have just learned about:

New in System Mechanic 12 Pro - Stability Guard1. Stability Guard™. This new tool proactively intercepts system stability threats to help you keep Windows running fast and problem-free.
2. Core Data Recalibrator™. This new tool automatically corrects core-level informaNew in System Mechanic 12 Pro - Core Data Recalibratortion corruption to eliminate complex PC issues.
Updated in System Mechanic 12 Pro - CRUDD Remover3. CRUDD Remover™. [An enhancement to an existing tool] identifies additional redundancies to eliminate more system overload than ever before.

As soon as System Mechanic 12 Pro is available for purchase, we’ll let you know!