Would you like fast internet? Now you can with System Mechanic’s NetBooster®!

Slow and unreliable internet access is one of the things that’s guaranteed to drive you completely nuts! Of course, your internet freezes right in the middle of an important download, when you’re sending a critical email, when you really want to watch that YouTube video. It’s an endless list of frustration. Sometimes it seems like the more you need the internet to work as it should, the more unreliable it becomes…

Here’s some good news; you can actually achieve better web performance and speed–with the computer and internet connection that you have now. Fast internet [without paying your ISP any more money per month] is absolutely possible!

How can this be? Simply because much of what impacts your web speed isn’t just related to your hardware, or your type of internet connection, but is tied to a set of critical Windows configuration settings that impact internet speed.

Here’s some more great news; iolo technologies have created NetBooster®, and included it in System Mechanic’s suite of more than 50 performance and repair tools. With a simple step-by-step wizard suited to any technical level, NetBooster makes it easy for you to reach maximum internet performance. You don’t need to buy an expensive, brand-new computer or select that pricey cable/DSL upgrade, with NetBooster you can get better web performance out of your existing system and enjoy fast internet with just a few clicks.

Here’s what the critics are saying about NetBooster®

“It was significant—really obvious. Web pages opened much faster. I’m not sure what tweaks it performed in that regard, but iolo Labs calls it their NetBooster Technology. Well, it sure boosted my internet.” — Joe Rosberg, TechRepublic

NetBooster®: Lighting-fast internet performance

bottlenecck_graphic_graySo how does System Mechanic’s NetBooster actually work? The program automatically tailors your computer to suit your internet connection by safely adjusting the key settings that affect network and internet connection speeds.

Computers generally come from a manufacturer with certain operating system configurations already set. But how often does “one-size-fits-all” really fit? Answer, it never does… These preset configurations are in most cases not the best settings for your specific connection type.

Instead, like a perfect pair of jeans, or a made-to-measure suit, System Mechanic’s unique NetBooster® technology can customize settings to make your web connection a perfect fit for your PC.

NetBooster fine-tunes an important group of hidden configurations in order to enable the transfer of more data over the internet. The result is faster and more reliable downloads, video and music playback, web surfing, online gaming, and more.

And rest assured, NetBooster works with any type of internet connection and on any Windows operating system, including Windows 8.

Faster and more reliable web browsing is just a few clicks away

Running NetBooster is easy; you just enter a few details about your internet setup and then NetBooster automatically does the rest:

1. In System Mechanic, navigate to the Toolbox and then click Individual Tools. System Mechanic’s battery of Increase Performance tools will display.
2. Next to NetBooster, click Start.
3. Answer a few simple questions about your internet connection and click Next.
4. NetBooster will automatically adjust settings to maximize your web speed.


Automatically keep your internet connection fully optimized with ActiveCare®

System Mechanic’s patented ActiveCare® performs automatic maintenance while your PC is idle. ActiveCare only runs when you aren’t using your computer, and then it immediately stops when you return. Your PC is automatically kept at its maximum speed, reliability, and efficiency, without interrupting your work.

1. In System Mechanic, navigate to ActiveCare and then click Automated Tasks.
2. Locate the task Automatically repair unoptimized Internet configuration and ensure its toggle switch is set to Enabled.